The South Interlake Planning District (SIPD) Board consists of Board Members appointed by the elected Council of each member municipality. Each municipality appoints two members to the Board.

In accordance with The Planning Act, the Board is responsible for the adoption, administration, and enforcement of the Development Plan by-law for the entire District, and the administration and enforcement of the Zoning By-Laws, Secondary Plans, and Building By-laws for its member municipalities.

The SIPD Board meetings are held every third Friday of every month at 285 Main Street in the Board Chambers. Meetings start at 9:00AM. Requests for delegations before the Board should be submitted to the SIPD at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Requests may be made by email at .

The following municipal representatives comprise the South Interlake Planning District Board:

  • Peter Bullivant (Town of Stonewall) - Chair
  • Mike Palmer (R.M. of Rosser) - Deputy Chair
  • Wes Taplin (R.M. of Rockwood)
  • Curtis McClintock (R.M. of Rockwood)
  • Ken Mulligan (R.M. of Rosser)
  • Sandra Smith (Town of Stonewall) 
  • Kirt Ansell (Town of Teulon)
  • VACANT (Town of Teulon)