The South Interlake Planning District (SIPD) Board is responsible for enforcing the following:
1. The SIPD Development Plan;
2. The SIPD's member municipal Zoning By-laws and Secondary Plans; and
3. The SIPD's member municipal Building By-laws and related Codes.
The SIPD's enforcement procedures are consistent with The Planning Act and the SIPD's member municipal Zoning By-laws, Building By-laws, and applicable Enforcement By-laws. The SIPD's general enforcement process is illustrated here: FLOW CHART.
Notwithstanding this general enforcement process, the SIPD may issue Stop Work Orders for unauthorized construction pursuant to The Planning Act and applicable municipal Building By-laws. In addition, the SIPD may take other measures as may be necessary to protect the public when a building is deemed to be in an unsafe condition, in accordance with SIPD's member municipal Building By-laws.

Typical violations include, but are not limited to:
  • Construction without Development and Building Permits;
  • Conducting a land use in contravention of zoning regulations;
  • Occupancy of a commercial establishment without an Occupancy Permit.

Complaints shall be filed by completing a Violation Complaint Form (Click Here for PDF) and submitting it to the SIPD by fax, email, regular mail, or in-person. Please ensure that all sections of the form are completed in full. Incomplete forms will not be investigated.