The Building Occupancy Permit is a process used by the South Interlake Planning District to assist in establishing and upholding requirements for building standards. It helps ensure that work, for which a Building Permit has been issued, has been done in accordance with the terms of the permit and is consistent with the applicable regulations, or that a change of use/occupancy complies with Manitoba Building Code. 

An Occupancy Permit is required for:

a) Closing of a building permit where an occupancy permit is listed as a condition;
b) Change of Occupancy Classification;
c) Every existing occupant/tenant who is relocating or expanding their unit within a building;
d) Every existing occupant/tenant who wishes to increase the occupant load of the occupied space.
e) Change of ownership/tenant.
To confirm whether or not the intended development is permitted within the proposed zone, please Click Here to view the applicable Zoning By-Law, or contact the SIPD.
NOTE: When applying for an Occupancy Permit for a change of use or an existing use in an existing building, an inspection may be required prior to permit application. This inspection is subject to fees that are in accordance with the SIPD’s Fee Structure By-Law (Click Here for PDF). SIPD requires a Letter of Intent detailing the intended use of the building, as well as a letter of authorization from the current landowner (if applicable) prior to booking an inspection. Additionally, should there be no prior permit or Building Plans on file for the building, an inspection by a Manitoba Licensed Professional Engineer and/or Architect may be required prior to the SIPD's inspection.
Should there be any structural or non-structural renovations as part of the occupancy, a Building Permit may be required. A detailed scope of work and construction drawings shall be provided as part of this application. Please note that any Part 3 building requires the involvement of a Manitoba Licensed Professional Engineer and/or Architect depending on the Occupancy Classification.
If there is a change in land use, a Development Permit may also be required.
Click Here to apply online through Cloudpermit. Click Here to find out more information about Cloudpermit.

Occupancy Permit applications not associated with a building permit must include:
  • Completed application form (required for paper applications) (Click Here for PDF);
  • Detailed letter of intent, to include the legal name of the tenant as well as the tenant's operating name (if applicable) (Click Here for PDF);
  • Floor plan detailing the area of the building to be occupied. Applications must also include the Total Area of the Existing Building Footprint;
  • A Building Code Analysis with a Life Safety Review from a Manitoba Licensed Architect or Professional Engineer (dependent on the Building Classification) may be required when applying for an Occupancy Permit for an existing use in a building where no prior Occupancy Permit has been issued or when there is a change in Occupancy Classification;
  • Letter of authorization is required if you are applying on behalf of the landowner (Click Here for PDF);
  • Fees in accordance with the SIPD’s Fee Structure By-Law (Click Here for PDF).
Design Professionals: For the Letter of Certification / Occupancy Letter format, please Click Here.

Building Permit Related Occupancy: For a list of requirements to be fulfilled prior to Occupancy, please Click Here.
Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.