The South Interlake Planning District (SIPD) Development Plan is not a static document. Occasionally, the Development Plan needs to be revised or amended to reflect changing circumstances in the planning area or to respond to specific development proposals. Accordingly, The Planning Act allows an amendment to the Development Plan by-law to be initiated by the Planning District Board, a municipal Council, or by the owner of the affected property, or a person authorized in writing by the owner. 

Amendments to a land use designation in the Development Plan are referred to as map amendments, whereas amendments to planning policies in the Development Plan are referred to as text amendments.


The SIPD Board must adopt a Development Plan amendment by-law for an amendment (map or text) to be approved and in effect. The amendment process requires a public hearing, three readings of the amending by-law, and a Ministerial review. Due to the statutory steps required, a Development Plan amendment can take six or more months to complete from the date of application. 

For a flow chart of the Development Plan amendment process, please Click Here.


Prior to submitting a Development Plan amendment application to the SIPD, it is strongly recommended that you contact the SIPD first to discuss your proposal.
To initiate a Development Plan amendment application, the following application requirements must be submitted to the SIPD:
Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.