A Secondary Suite is an accessory dwelling unit located on a property with a Detached Single-Family Dwelling. Within the South Interlake Planning District, a Secondary Suite is considered a self-contained dwelling unit located within or attached to the principal dwelling that is required to have its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, living/sleeping area, parking accommodation and must comply with Manitoba Building Code (MBC) and Fire Code requirements, as well as the applicable Zoning By-law regulations.

Detached Secondary Suites are NOT currently allowed within the South Interlake Planning District (SIPD).

To learn more about the Zoning Regulations for Secondary Suites, or whether or not they're permitted in your Zone, Please contact the SIPD
The following list contains some of the Manitoba Building Code requirements for Secondary Suites. Your submitted plans will be reviewed by an SIPD building inspector to ensure compliance with all Manitoba Building Code requirements:
  1. Suites do not need to be Fire rated but do need to have a smoke–tight barrier. Common walls are required to be minimum 1/2" drywall taped and sanded and sealed at junctions and penetrations with an approved sealant, spray foam is not acceptable. Floors must have a minimum 1/2" drywall on the bottom, finish taped and sanded. Doors in smoke tight barriers must be a minimum 1 3/4" thick solid core wood door with an approved self-closing device.
  2. Sound control - Sound Transmission Classification (STC) between units is required to be rated at a minimum of 43. Common wall to have a minimum of 1/2" drywall, resilient sound channels and batt insulation. Alternatively, any wall/ceiling assembly that meets STC 43 (as prescribed by the MBC) is also acceptable.
  3. Minimum 1.95m (6’5”) floor to ceiling height is required.
  4. New Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are to be installed and interconnected in the primary and secondary units as per code, and in ancillary/ common spaces not within the dwelling units.

Building Permit applications for Secondary Suites must include:
  • Completed application form (Click for PDF). See our Permit Application Guide (Click Here for PDF) for a description of the fields on the application and an overview of the information that is required;
  • Letter of Intent detailing your proposal for the Secondary Suite as well as proposed Parking Accommodation for the Suite;
  • For Attached Secondary Suites (Addition to Existing Residence):
    • Detailed site plan (Click Here for PDF);
    • Status of Title(s) for all land subject to the application. The Status of Title(s) cannot be more than 30 days old. The Status of Title(s) can by acquired from your lawyer, the Winnipeg Land Titles Office (Teranet Manitoba), or by purchasing them directly from the SIPD office. Additionally, a letter from your lawyer may be required if the property is in the process of being transferred to your name;
    • One (1) easily-readable paper copy and one (1) legible PDF copy of building plans, formatted to a minimum size of 11” x 17”, and which are signed and sealed by a Manitoba Licensed Professional Engineer (dated within one year of the complete application date). For plans formatted to a larger size, one (1) paper copy and one (1) PDF copy are required. If there is no PDF available, two (2) paper copies are required. Plans are to be drawn to a minimum scale of 1:500 or 1”= 40’;
    • Building plans must include the following: Building Elevations; Foundation plan; Floor plans; Section plans; Detailed construction notes and specifications; Schedules for doors and windows; Ventilation Plan including calculations; Shop Drawings (can be provided at the framing stage); Fire Separation Details; Identification of principle source of heat; Floor joist, electrical, plumbing and heating layouts; and a 9.36 Manitoba Energy Code review;
  • For Interior Secondary Suites (Converting Portion of Existing Residence to a Suite):
    • Detailed floor plan to include: bedroom window sizes; plumbing; fire separation details; identification of separate entrance/exit; independent Heating, Ventilation and Exhaust Air layout; All rooms are labeled as per their intended use (e.g. - Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.);
    • If structural alterations are involved, such as the altering or moving of beams, teleposts, or foundation wall/windows, then these plans must be signed and sealed by a Manitoba Licensed Professional Engineer (dated within one year of the complete application date) and must be submitted at the time of permit application;
  • Letter of authorization is required if you are applying on behalf of the landowner (Click Here for PDF);
  • Application Review Fee and/or Development Permit Fee. Additional Permit Fees and Construction Security Deposit are required (as applicable) in accordance with the SIPD’s Fee Structure By-Law prior to permit issuance (Click Here for PDF). 
Electrical Permits are to be obtained through Manitoba Hydro.
Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.