Plumbing permits are required for new construction of all buildings, building additions, alterations, repairs, renovations and include plumbing rough-ins, hookups and relocations. Plumbing Permits are issued in conjunction with the Building Permits.

NOTE: The work must be completed by a plumber who is licensed to work within the Province of Manitoba.

Plumbing Permit applications not associated with building permits must include:
  • Completed application form (Click Here for PDF). See our Permit Application Guide (Click Here for PDF) for a description of the fields on the application and an overview of the information that is required;
  • Floor plan / layout of proposed work to be completed including a list of the fixtures to be installed. The plan(s) shall be prepared by a plumber licensed to work within the Province of Manitoba. The licensed plumber shall provide a copy of Certification / Red Seal at the time of application;
  • Letter of authorization is required if you are applying on behalf of the landowner (Click Here for PDF);
  • Fees in accordance with the SIPD’s Fee Structure By-Law (Click here for PDF).
Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.