Residents placing a pool or hot tub on their property are required to obtain a Building Permit. Whether the pool or hot tub is temporary or permanent, in-ground or above ground, if it can hold more than two (2) feet deep of water, a Building Permit is required. Details of the location of the pool, fencing and security (i.e., gates and self-latching devices) must be identified and provided with the application.  

Manitoba Building Code requirements regarding pools, hot tubs and enclosures are provided in the following link (Click Here for PDF).

Building Permits for pools must include:
  • Completed application form (Click Here for PDF);
  • Detailed site plan (Click Here for PDF);
  • Plans for pool (engineered stamped plan required for in-ground pool). These plans shall include the size and height of the pool;
  • Details on fence/pool enclosure;
  • Status of Title(s) for all land subject to the application. The Status of Title(s) cannot be more than 30 days old;
  • Letter of authorization (required if someone is applying on behalf of the landowner);
  • Total construction value (i.e., final project costs including all material and labour);
  • Fees in accordance with the SIPD’s Fee Structure By-Law (Click here for PDF).
If the proposed development is located adjacent to a Provincial Road or Highway, an additional permit may be required from the Province (Manitoba Infrastructure) when applying for a permit from the SIPD. 
Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.