A sign permit must be obtained from the South Interlake Planning District office for all signs, including those which are temporary, permanent, free-standing, fascia, projection, and illuminated.
To confirm whether or not the intended development is permitted within the proposed zone, please Click Here to view the applicable Zoning By-Law, or contact the SIPD.

Applications for Sign Permits for must include:
  • Completed application form (Click Here for PDF);
  • Detailed site plan (Click Here for PDF);
  • Plan of sign - diagram and description of type of sign and logo or advertisement with all dimensions;
  • Manitoba Licensed Professional Engineer sealed drawings (will be required if sign is freestanding, awning, canopy, fascia, depending on size, and the seal is required to be current within 1 year of application);
  • Letter of authorization is required if you are applying on behalf of the landowner (Click Here for PDF);
  • Status of Title(s) for all land subject to the application (required for new freestanding signs). The Status of Title(s) cannot be more than 30 days old. The Status of Title(s) can by acquired from your lawyer or from the Winnipeg Land Titles Office. Additionally, a letter from your lawyer may be required if the property is in the process of being transferred to your name;
  • Fees in accordance with the SIPD’s Fee Structure By-Law (Click here for PDF).

If the proposed development is located adjacent to a Provincial Road or Highway, an additional permit may be required from the Province (Manitoba Infrastructure) when applying for a permit from the SIPD.
Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.